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What are the two types of Exceptions in Java? Which are the differences between them?

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In Java, there are two main categories of exceptions: checked exceptions and unchecked exceptions. The primary differences between them are related to how the Java compiler and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) handle them.

Checked Exceptions

Checked exceptions are exceptions that are checked at compile-time. This means that the compiler requires the code to either handle these exceptions with a try-catch block or declare them in the method's throws clause. If a method is capable of causing a checked exception and does not handle it or declare it, the code will not compile. This type of exception is used for conditions that a programmer should anticipate and recover from.

Examples of checked exceptions include IOException, FileNotFoundException, and ClassNotFoundException. These exceptions typically represent invalid conditions in areas outside the immediate control of the program (e.g., problems with I/O operations or class loading).

Unchecked Exceptions

Unchecked exceptions include runtime exceptions and errors. They are not checked at compile-time, which means that the compiler does not require methods to catch or declare them. Unchecked exceptions are generally caused by flaws in the program logic and are often preventable. They are used for conditions that are typically not recoverable, such as NullPointerException, IndexOutOfBoundsException, and ArithmeticException.

Runtime exceptions are subclasses of RuntimeException, and errors are subclasses of Error. While runtime exceptions are intended to be caught and handled by the application if appropriate, errors are typically serious issues that are not expected to be caught under normal circumstances (e.g., OutOfMemoryError, StackOverflowError).

Key Differences

  • Compilation Check: Checked exceptions are checked at compile-time, while unchecked exceptions are not....


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