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What is Domain in DDD?

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In Domain-Driven Design (DDD), the term "domain" refers to the specific area of knowledge, activity, or business that the software system is intended to address. It encompasses the real-world concepts, rules, processes, and requirements that the software is designed to model and support.

Key Points about Domain in DDD:

  1. Subject Area: The domain is essentially the problem space that the software aims to solve. For example, in a banking application, the domain includes concepts like accounts, transactions, customers, and banking regulations[2][6].

  2. Core Domain: This is the central part of the business that is unique and critical to its operations. It receives the most attention and resources during the development process. Understanding and modeling the core domain accurately is crucial for the success of the software[1][4].

  3. Subdomains: These are smaller, more manageable parts of the overall domain. Subdomains can be categorized into core, supporting, and generic subdomains, each serving different roles within the business context[12][14].

  4. Domain Model: This is a conceptual model that captures the essential elements, entities, and relationships within the domain. It serves as a blueprint for the software design, ensuring that the software accurately reflects the business domain it serves[4][6].

  5. Ubiquitous Language: A common language shared by developers, domain experts, and stakeholders, used consistently throughout the project to ensure clear communication and a shared understanding of the domain[3][4].

  6. Bounded Contexts: These define logical boundaries within the system where a particular domain model applies. Each bounded context encapsulates its own ubiquitous language, allowing different parts of the system to evolve independently[4][14].





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