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What is a CDN?

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A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of servers designed to deliver web content and other digital assets to users more efficiently and quickly. The primary goal of a CDN is to reduce latency, improve load times, and enhance the overall performance and reliability of websites and online services.

Key Components and Functions of a CDN:

  1. Geographical Distribution:

    • CDNs consist of multiple servers located in various data centers around the world. These servers, often referred to as edge servers, cache copies of content from the origin server, which is the primary source of the content[1][2][4].
  2. Caching:

    • By storing cached versions of content closer to end-users, CDNs reduce the distance data must travel, thereby decreasing latency and improving load times. This is particularly beneficial for delivering static content such as images, videos, and HTML files[5][6].
  3. Load Balancing:

    • CDNs distribute incoming traffic across multiple servers, which helps manage high traffic volumes and prevents server overloads. This ensures that websites remain accessible even during traffic spikes or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks[3][5].
  4. Content Delivery:

    • CDNs deliver both static and dynamic content. Static content includes unchanging files like images and videos, while dynamic content is generated in real-time based on user interactions, such as social media feeds or personalized recommendations[2][4].
  5. Performance Optimization:

    • CDNs optimize content delivery by using various techniques such as compression, minification, and image optimization. These techniques hel...


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